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01.09.2006 Giants Causeway – Whiskey and Giants
So good morning in the sphere of influence of the Queen. No River Kwai marsh for muster. No not that but an English breakfast. Are we the last here or the only one? Well if the Irish breakfast was terrible then its hell here. Pudding, no all but that, eggs bacon and toast are OK but again grilled tomatoes and these ugly sausages. Only the pancakes are really good. We eat what we can and then its up North

Old Bushmills
Dunluce Castle

The roads are OK and after a brief view on Dunluce castle (we have only limited time) we get quick to Bushmills.Originally we wanted to visit Giants Causeway first, but if you remember we have still no British pounds and they take only cash at the parking lot there. Therefore back to Bushmills, were the bank is located directly in front of the distillery. After a brief introduction in the auditory we start directly with the distillery tour. Unfortunately photographing if prohibited here.


The first thing to be visited are the boilers where the barley is being malted. Smells after yeast and is pretty warm. Irish Whisky is not smoked and is therefore mild. The mash is transported to the still and stilled 3 times (standard). Besides there are special stills. The still master has a really cool job, sitting at the PC and dawning in the alcohol laden air. Nice, next stop is the storehouse. Here the different Whisky’s are stored. Depending on the finish the Whisky is finished in oak caskets which were previously used for either Bourbon, Sherry or Port. Storage time minimum 7 years.

Bushmills Destillerie
Peter beim Whiskey tasting

And what vanishes in the meantime is called Angels share. No wonder that the Angels stagger with an overall loss of about 10 %..... Next stop: packing here not only Bushmills but also Jamesons is being packed. Well one distillery helps the other. Before we go to the 1608 bar, the guide searches for volunteers. I report and look the volunteers are called for testing. We get 5 different Whiskeys each. 3 Bushmill brands, one Scotch (Johnnie Walker) and an unknown Bourbon.

alter Brennkessel Destillanlage die Test Whiskeys

The best is the 10 year old Single malt of Bushmills and finally we get a certificate. Thank you, can I apply here? At least we buy a bottle at the shop. One that is only sold here! Somehow the Whisky has clouded my judgment. I shoot about 100 pictures of the distillery where 3 would have done. Not until the parking lot do I come to my senses, but there is a collection of Lagondas. There is a big meeting of them in town..

ein Lagonda fährt ein
Lagonda Modell Nicole vor einem Lagonda
Lagonda Show

Lagonda was an English car company, which became especially be known by successes in the 1930s at the 24 hours of Le Mans..Later they were merged into Aston Martin and ceased to be an independent brand in 1964. 1976 Aston Martin used the name again to name one model.

Nice models are on display here. All chrome and shining and certainly hand made. Ok enough, we go watching Giants. There shall be many of them nearby.


Lets go (to the) Giants

Giants Causeway