Cliffs of Moher

28.08.2006 Cliffs and Stones
Well today we leave from the contemplative Killarney and have look at the area North, there shall be something worth to be seen. But before we start, there is the second edition of the famous Irish breakfast. But we are adaptive and drop today sausages and fried tomatoes. Instead rather cereals. More digestible therefore we can start. At first nothing in particular happens and Limerick is only an industrialized city, so we drive by..

Kuh und Bulle bei Moher
schickes Automobil

Today we drove through Limerick
the camera made only rarely click
we did not stay
but went away
in Galway we did again the trick®

Well I suppose my German Limerick is quite better. After that we went to the countryside. The towns become smaller and the weather improves a little bit. Underway we photo some cows, but when the bull recognizes, he does not agree and we better go, because we do not know how solid the fence is.

Then we are finally there - we realize it already with the huge number of tour buses parking here: Cliffs of Moher. Further its rather crowded and to our great horror everything is a large construction site. According ti the plans they are erecting a Mega Visitor Center and the cliffs will be shielded against non paying visitors. We find it even a stupid idea to cut off the rim with a wall so that it is impossible to step forward to the rim.

Vorsicht Klippe?


Cliffs of Moher South
Cliffs of Moher North
im starken Wind an den Klippen

The  Cliffs of Moher (ir. Aillte an Mhothair = Cliffs of the ruin) belong to Europe’s highest cliffs. They are located at the southwest coast of Ireland in county Clare close to the village of Doolin (north of the cliffs) and Liscannor (south of the cliffs).
The cliffs tower the sea about 120 m at
Hag's Head (southend) and range up to 214 m above the Atlantic ocean and over 8 km up to Doolin.

lieber auf dem Bauch als ganz hinunter

Unfortunately O´Briens Tower cannot be visited, because its also a construction site. Further to the South the cliffs are also inaccessible but this is rather formal with a  simple sign, telling that there is great danger of falling down. Therefore everybody walks on and for the first time we see really cliffs. Very nice. The best viewpoint is from the belly perspective, there you also get right to the rim. Woww, its really steep down there and it seems really adventurous Below the sea, wild and with high waves on top the green meadows a strange and beautiful contrast. Further there is a strong wind. With only a little more lift we could really fly away

so sieht man aus der Bauchperspektive O´Briens Tower über den Klippen und jeder läuft weiter,,,,,
weniger himmlische Harfenklänge

We take great care that this does not happen. The tight path leads a long way along the cliffs. We don’t do the whole way up to the Castle ruins, also because it starts raining again. But many people come along and pass, a real public hiking. Back in safety in the meantime has a modern troubadour arrived who plays hymns on his harp. Like it or not. Here are also the most feared of all tourist. A hoard of gagging, photographing Japanese and Japanesesses. Now its really time to go.


now lets visit some old stones