30.08.2006 Connemara with Wind and Weather
Today is our second day in Galway. But the view out of the window is all but encouraging. Its rainy and grey outside. And it does not get better after the breakfast cereals. But sitting in the room is no alternative because we have only today to visit Connemara.

Connemara Panorama

Connemara (Irish: Conamara), is a region in the west of Ireland in county Galway. Connemara is part of the province of Connaught.  It corresponds to the part of the Galway county, located west of Lough Corrib and the Barony of Ross (also known as Joyces Country), which ranges up into the northern county of Mayo
The name
Conamara originates from Conmhaicne Mara (descendant of Conmhac).

wildes Connemara
Letterkenny im Regen

Our first stop is Clifden the main village. In a parking garage parking is for free and we can change clothes according to the weather. Rain jacket, pullover below and on the legs an “outdoor functional pant”. Thus we go outside But it rains heavily and the functional pants do not function at all, except function means getting extremely wet and soaking. Now what is such a function?  For me its all complete bollocks, I want primarily to wear the clothes, this is the main function and that a tennis short does not function for skiing, do these guys think we are all morons?.

But enough of that we run into a bookshop. There- who wonders - we buy two books and a couple of postcards and warm up a little, because its really cold outside. We do some small talk with the saleswoman, particularly about the weather and she thinks that its rather normal. Nice outlook. OK, we cancel to visit the town and go back to the car. Heating on full throttle and with warming feet the world looks immediately different. .

neblige Landschaft in Connemara
Connemara Schaf

We driver northbound and stop in one of the many pullover shops along the road. The choice is the same as on Aran, but to fight the frustration I´d really like to buy a pullover. Ultimately there would be one that I like but only in sizes M or XXL. OK then not. The road continues through lonesome marshes and wild meadows. Now and then a lake and we guess that the twelve Ben mountains nearby. All in clouds and fog but even with this weather somehow nice. But for a visit of the National Park or even a hike its still too wet. Even stepping out for a photo gets me wet again, but what must be must be.


Somewhere before Letterfrack there is again a Sweater and Gift Shop. Nicole doesn´t want anymore but I´m very persistent. And look they have neater models and with less stiff wool and also less scratching. After some searching and  kind advice I chose one. Pure wool, thin and in a nice brown.  And most important does not smell after sheep. Price? 39 EURO.  Drive goes on along Killary Harbor where mussels are being breeded. In Leenaun the question is if we continue North or prefer to drive back. We are both in agreement to drive back and therefore its right turn and onto the Connemara Ring.

Cottage am Seeufer
Flüsse und Seen of Connemara
Mauern und Wildblumen
gestochener Torf in Connemara

Now its again meadows with sheep and it gets hilly until the land levels out again approaching to the sea. Creeks become rivers and some lonesome cottages occur along the road.  In addition some meddlesome sheep need to be topped. No not ran down but shot straight ahead with the cam. Hopefully it will sustain the cold and rain. Next destination is a well known cottage in Gartmore.(Pierce´s Cottage).

Eisenhut? - Connemara

We miss the cottage but find another one at the end of a lonesome road which ends directly at the sea. Somehow we find the way back to the main road From there its via Rossaveal and Spiddal back again to Galway. Now we have brought around this day anyway and like to go to dine this evening. But again the restaurants at the main street are boites Bothersome. And so we chose atypically a Tex Mex restaurant in a side street. Its almost reasonably priced.

der Chevy trägt uns voran
einsames Cottage
hier wird nicht mehr getankt....
Nicoles neues Ferienhaus - Connemara

Nicole takes a mix with Guacamole, I prefer a turkey steak with Chili sauce. Nice variety after all this stuff before. But the beer is an imposition. No domestic, only Heineken (ugh) or US bee. Well a Budweiser for Diner. Back at the hotel we catch up on the missed. Bud, Kilkenny and Carling is the succession today. Tomorrow its away from the West up to the North
Km: 127
Hotel: Travelodge


a monastery...