26.08.2006 Dingle
Our further possibilities are to visit either Muckross House, a manor in british style or the Dingle peninsula. Manors can be visited also in Germany, so its Dingle. Begins rather slow, but shortly after the peninsula shows her complete beauty.

weiche Hügel auf Dingle

The Dingle-Peninsula ( ir.: Corca Dhuibhne) is situated in Ireland, County Kerry in teh province of Munster The english name derives from the town of Dingle(ir:An Daingean),dlocated in the west of the 50 km long and in average 9 km wide peninsula. The Dingle Peninsula is beside the Ring of Kerry, located on the southerly attaching Iveragh Peninsula, the touristic most attractive point in the southwest of Ireland.rland. The mountainous peninsula is especially in her pittoresk wetern part littered with prehistoric and ancient monuments,which are also connected with irish myths. Tourism is promoted by boat trips to the Blasket Islands, fishing- and biking tours, golf courses, horse and wagon travels and hiking routes. A particular nice and flat sandbeach is located on the spit of Inch.

Sandy Beach auf Dingle
Grüne Wiesen auf Dingle
West of Dingle Panorama
West of Dingle- Blick auf die Blasket Islands

ZTo the right Irlenads highest mountains, barren and steep rugged, with more flat foothills littered with sheep and to the left a coast changing from rock to sand and back. The most beautiful part is west of Dingle, menaing west of the same name city. One of this neckbreaking roads winds along and past some Promontory Forts,w which are not interesting for us today. The awesome landscape is inrtiguing for us. At the outer rim of Ireland we get a view pn the  Blaskets, some small islands and if the earth was not a globe, we would even see NYC, because only the Atlantic lies before us. The sea has in an eternal fight gained somen terrain, respectively rugged are the cliffs and the surf bawls wildy against them.On the short sandy beach even some weirdos bath or surf, we however would rather enjoy a jacket.

Klippen und Steilküste
Wohin des Wegs?
Nicole  vor den Klippen
Peter vor dem Küstenpanorama unser Chevy in der Dingle Landschaft
Dorf auf der Halbinsel
Dingle touchs the soul
Hängen wir die Stiefel an den Nagel!

A short way further there is a scenic viewpoint, however little parking space. But we solve it on rock and grass and enjoy the broadband panorama. Simply great. By the way, the people here speak mainly Gaelic, this would not bother us, but on the road signs it becomes difficult. We find the way back anyway, this time on the north side of the peninsula, but we drop the Gallarus Oratories deliberately. Its a famous prehistoric monument, but if we wanted to visit them all, then we would still be here two years from now. And the best are yet to come. We make a brief stop in Dingle (Town) but the village is crowded with tourists and drinking is out of bounds because of the hard roads still waiting for us. Therefore we wind up at Murphy’s again ( a brief search for alternatives is without success). In one pub we are at least served a beer - my fastest Guinness so far,  but no food. So its the left pub at Murphy’s. The menu is almost equal, but today we have burger with fries and as well a Guinness, a Kilkenny, a Carling and a Harp. Oh yes, today I’m thirsty and tomorrow there is no horse waiting, but the Ring of Kerry. Lets see how this one will look
KM: 215
Hotel: Murphy´s Guesthouse


some Kerrygold?

Ring of Kerry