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22.08.-03.09.2006  Irish Tales
Ireland – the green Isle
Why Ireland? A very good question! Prior to this trip we previously wanted to travel to Ireland. That was approximately 10 years ago and we almost don’t remember why it didn’t work out. But as said only almost. My sister in law then found a job on short notice and we had to cancel our plans.
Since then we simply haven’t had the time (who has time?) to travel to Ireland. Easy isn’t it? And this year? Now again it is related with a job. Holger searched himself a new one and subsequently our planned America vacation was history. Because to fly alone we had no intention regarding the airfares and the immigration procedures. Lust.
So then we looked at places where we always wanted to go to. Spain - have we had last year; Northern Europe - too expensive, Baltic States - too little background and then there it was, like a vision a fairy like appearance the small green Island in the Northwest - Ireland.
Because LH flies nonstop and for only 129 Euro to Dublin the issue was clarified, we travel to Ireland.
What does one think spontaneously of Ireland?
green, Guinness, whisky, sheep, fairys, fairy tales and redheads. On second thought then some famous poets, Dublin the great famine and the Northern Ireland conflict and of course potatoes. So now lets go and see what Ireland really has to show.

Anflug auf Dublin
Willkommen in Dublin

It begins with the same procedure as every year, driving to the airport, this time Frankfurt once again. Security checks and check in runs smooth and soon we board an Airbus A319 out of the LH fleet. The plane is not new but the seats are more than OK Row 7. The flight almost unnoticed is already over after 90 minutes when we land at Dublin’s Baile Atha Cliath airport. There we see a lot of Air Lingus (green) air crafts and notice that the airport is much to small for all the people arriving here. Anyway we get our baggage and trot to the car rental station. In my head I have begun reprogramming - left left left. Why have the Brits actually conquered this Island. Otherwise one could drive on the right side. At least they have the EURO now, which is really comfortable.

Well, now we get a car from Europcar (booked at billiger-mietwagen.de). Car?Dublin Spire Well a Chevrolet Kalos, Korea inside and the box rattles accordingly. But for two people the car is absolutely sufficient. No special frills, but who would expect air condition in Ireland. Much more important that the heating works. And now off we go on Dublin’s roads. Left left left. Its working tediously especially shifting gears with the left hand. And where the heck is our hotel? At a road named M10 but this turns out rather difficult. Only a rough description and no NAVI leading to nowhere. Therefore we drive only one exit too far, because my sense says that we have gone too far. The hotel turns out a newer IBIS (Frenchmen in Ireland if this is working out?) However in an area with not much else. Does that bother? No, then even if we gained an hour by time zone it is 7 p.m. in the meantime and we need something to eat, to drink and then off to bed. Done as said, the hotel restaurant offers regular dishes and most notably Guinness!. Nicole find a new love in Bulmers (Cider) Remarkably is that we are being served by foreign workers, mainly from Poland and Czech Republic. Now this is the immediate consequence of the immigration policy of the Celtic Tiger Ireland. With the surname Mastny I have almost a home game.
Good night
Km: 33
Hotel: Ibis Dublin West ***

Millenium Bridge
Die Luas - Strassenbahn

23.08.2006 Dublin
Dublin – Baile Atha Cliath (village at the ford) is the Capital of the Republic of Ireland. In the Metropolitan area live approx. 1.2 Mio. people, meaning that every 4th Irishman lives here. Its Ireland sole large city.
Almost all clerical and secular institutions of Ireland are located here. As capital Dublin has established herself since the Norman conquest in the 12th century.
1988 celebrated Dublin, today a modern European city its 1.000 birthday.

Dublin’s sightseeing places are mainly located in the city center. But how to get there? But since a few year there is again a tram named Luas what in Gaelic means „fast“ A station is only 5 walking minutes away form the hotel (one reason why we chose this hotel). Had I mentioned that parking places are a big problem in Dublin? And the Garda (police) is very quick with parking clamps. So we rather leave the car. The tram runs in 5 minute intervals and is reasonably priced with 2,40 Eur for 3 areas. We arrive inn about 20 minutes at the city center and start our city walk. Literally in the eye stitches the steel needle „Spire of Dublin“ with an height of 120 m and erected in 2003 (it should have been finalized for the Millennium.... lol).
In the O´Connell Street further the National Theater is to be found and not far away from there the Statue of James Joyce who erected a literary monument of Dublin with his novel Ulysses. Humorous as the Irish are they honored him with the nickname: The Prick with the Stick – how nice....

James Joyce Statue - Nicole
National Theatre Dublin

James Joyce – born 1882 in Dublin would leave Ireland already for ever in 1904. Only a few days previously he made the acquaintance of Nora Barnacle, his later wife. He would later make this day famous as Blooms day. He created his later life as Bohemian always dependent on the support of patrons and by his brother..
His few works have made a significant imprint in literature by his consequent use of the inner monologue. Most important works:
Dubliners, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake.

We move on towards the Liffey, which runs through the middle of the city. On the way we pass the statue of Daniel O Connell called „the Liberator“ . He is thought of as one of the most important politicians of Ireland in the 19th century and championed himself lasting for the equation of the Catholics and the secession of Ireland form Great Britain.

On the bridge across the Liffey we recognize an odd chimera dancing on an anvil. (rabbits are supposed to have magic power in Ireland) and ! our first true Irish girl (redhead) That she would also basically be our last one didn’t we know then. The assumption that she is studying at Trinity College, our next destination is imminent.


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O´Connell Statue