28.-30.08. Galway
In Galway we have a room reservation too, in the Travellodge. But Galway is larger city and has a lot of roundabouts but without signs. At least none that help us. East- or West? West it shall be, either its by chance or by intuition we drive direct along the hotel. Therefore a circle at the roundabout we we are actually there. Its a new house and nice room but unfortunately without restaurant. So its going out once again. To the center its 15 minutes by foot all along the main road..

Hauptstrasse in Galway
Town center - Pubs Art Display in Galway Pubs in Galway

The description turns out to be very accurate. The city center however it not so inviting. A lot of restaurants but crawling with tourists. And the prices are not inviting either. In short, we don’t find something reasonable. Therefore we prefer to buy groceries in a Tesco supermarket (open 24h) and have a room party. Soup and yummy salad with chicken breast, much better that what he have casually seen in these restaurants in the city. What is for drinks? The usual, however today out of the can. Tastes anyway an so ends the day.....

Km: 295
Hotel Travelodge Galway ***

Galway Fussgängerzone
The Kings Head - Galway

The city is located on the West coast of Ireland at the Northern end of the Galway Bay. The by the tides strongly affected river Corrib crosses through the city and meanders in the Bay.
With a population of 71.983 (2006) Galway is the most populated city of the county Galway and the whole west of Ireland. The city undergoes as seat of a university a huge growth in population, making her the most youthful city of Ireland as well as a strong increase in economic and cultural importance. She is beside Dublin the most important city of Ireland in this respect.

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