First of all we make a short break at Ladies View, but it is already twilight and we are being attacked by swarms of aggressive flies. Nasty bugs, better we go. From now on it goes downhill with extreme curves, rainy weather and wetness added. Hopefully the Kalos will make it. But he does and so we roll into the town of Killarney. Again we begin to search. Where is Murphy’s Guesthouse? In the city center, but with all the roundabouts you have to get there first. Therefore one extra round and fortunately there is a public parking lot. That’s truly necessary with all these tourists here, We did not expect so many pubs and hotels.

Murphy´s in Killarney Pubszene in Killarney

Luckily we have a reservation. This is also known at Murphy’s and we get a nice, spacious and first of all newly renovated room. Because we like the house and are also rather tired, we got to the pub on the right side of the house. Really comfortable, 2 pubs and one restaurant in the hotel. Diner today is Irish stile. Pot roast with mashed potatoes and veggies(beet roots and pies). Fitting drink? Yep a Murphy’s at Murphy’s! And after that a Kilkenny and a Carling. This flushes even the driest roast. Nicole keeps going with Bulmers. But all decent, because tomorrow its horse riding.
We sleep fantastic deep and tight in our room.

KM: 246
Hotel: Murphy’s Guesthouse ***

Courtneys Restaurant
Restaurant in Killarney
Old House in Killarney

26.08.2006 Fortune on a horseback?
Good morning. Today we have a date. With oat carburetors, because we have booked a 3 hour riding trip. But where. The confirmation with map is on the internet, but there is no internet here? Never mind we’ll find it. Far from it- no signs. And inquiring is difficult in Ireland because people send you to the desert or to the woods. There are horses but no stud farm. Desperation is coming up, where are the horses. A quarter to 9 we are back at the town center. But blind chance or luck, right on the town map there is an ad with way description of the stud farm. Uups 5 to 9 we enter the grounds and shift gears one down.

Quick around the edge and the helmet and boots and finally up on the horse.Nomen est omen? My horse is named Bacardi, Nicole’s  Budweiser. Will this go well? 2 girlies of the club join us and lead our our tour. The tour leads directly into the Killarney National Park across fields and meadows. After the path gets broader it means take care: „Attention, please be prepared for another trot“ Uh oh, trot, quite different to pass, faster and one hops up and down on the horse. At first one has get used to it and strains mightily the thighs, but its funny anyway. So we trot cheery through the woods down to the lake, named Lough Lean.

Peter zu Pferde (Bacardi)

Here is also one of Irelands oldest yews forests. We have a break to see the restroom and stretch the legs. This takes place directly at Ross Castle and old fortress located pictorial at the lakeside From here it is possible to travel with a boat to a monastery island.

unsere Hafervergaser
Ross Castle Sign
Nicole hoch zu Ross
Ross Castle
Nicole und Peter als Stallknechte

The Killarney-Nationalpark is situated in County Kerry in the Southwest of the Irish Republic.
The ca.
60 km² large national park borders the city of Killarney and contains the 3 lakes Lough Leane, Muckross Lake and Upper Lake, which account for an overall size of 22 km² of the park. Further one of Irelands oldest and remaining yew forests is to be found here. Beside the yews also many oaks , moose, tresses and fern grow in the park. As in the whole southwest of Ireland various blooms, usually only known from the Mediterranean, can be found due to the influence of the gulf stream. e.g. the bushy strawberry trees and large rhododendrons. Particularly the Rhododendron has become really troublesome for the park. In the mild and wet climate it finds ideal growing circumstances and threatens to overgrow huge parts of the park. With the help of work camps they try to contain the plague.

Bootsfahrt zur Klosterinsel

But we have no time. The horses are waiting. And they are restless. At anytime they try to grab some leafs or branches, but we’d rather like so see some more. Out on a small peninsula we catch some spectacular views on the castle and the lake.

Boote zum mieten
der Lough Leane
Lough Leane
Restaurant in Killarney - Lunch
mobile Restaurantwerbung
unser Zimmer im Murphy´s

For photos its to shaky and a good part is done again in trot. The 3 hours are over in a sudden and almost unrecognized we are back at the stables. But it hurts the bones anyway. So we need a strengthening. Opposite of Murphy’s is an older pub that serves lunch at an acceptable price. They serve meat or fish and water to drink. The meat is good and the potatoes delicious and so we can hit the road again.


some green peninsula? Lets go to Dingle